How to boost team energy | Team building games | Electric Maze game challenge

How to boost team energy | Team building games | Electric Maze game challenge. A common question for HR is how to boost team energy? The answer lies in playing team building games. Electric maze game challenge inspires team to not just think, but work together with team spirit.

How to play electric maze game
1. Draw 20×20 square boxes (in our case we made 21×4 because of our space).
2. Create a map on paper.
3. Ask everyone to stand near the entrance of the maze that you have decided.
4. The rules are simple. One by one team has to enter the maze and find out the correct path by trial and error. If team member steps on the box which is not the correct path, then you can say STOP or create a BEEP sound which indicates that its a wrong move. Hence the member goes back. Then next member comes and explores the path.
5. You can also set a time to finish the game say 7 minutes or 5 minutes depending on the size of your team.

Team building is fun when we motivate team to operate on the spirit of harmony. To boost team energy, element of fun has to be added during any game or challenge.

Give this inspiration challenge team building game to your team, employees, group or family. We would love to hear from you how it went with your team mates, colleagues or family members. It would be great if you can send some of your videos to us so we can add it to our future videos and share your inspiration to everyone.

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How to boost team energy | Team building games | Electric Maze game challenge


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  • How do you boost your energy?

    Yaha July 17, 2020 3:23 am Reply
  • amazing shots

    Aha Bandhu July 17, 2020 3:23 am Reply
  • Really enjoyed the game while playing. Tq for giving us these kind of energy boosting games.

    Praveen Velu July 17, 2020 3:23 am Reply

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