How to Play Pictionary

Learn the rules to the board game Pictionary quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to be the first team to reach the finish square and guess a final sketch correctly. Setup: Layout and board and divide into equal teams. Place the card holder, with all the cards of the same color facing the same direction, and die and timer next to the board. Each team, takes a pad of paper and pencil and chooses a playing piece and places on the large ALL PLAY START square. Each team chooses one player to be the first artist, who will sketch the picture.

Team members take turns being the artist. Each time your team has to sketch a new word, a new artist must sketch. The first card is drawn and all the teams’ artist looks at the ALL PLAY word indicated by the 4 pencil symbol. When all the artists have seen the word, the timer is turned and they begin to sketch simultaneously. Their respective teammates have 1 minute to guess, you have unlimited guesses.

The first team to guess the word correctly rolls the die and moves forward that number of spaces. If it is the first turn of the game, play continues clockwise. Otherwise, every time a team guesses correctly, they roll the die, move, then sketch again. Whatever space you land on, draw a card and your artist must sketch according to the word matching the colored space you are on. Whenever a artist begins drawing, flip the timer, they always have 1 minute. If the time runs out, then play passes clockwise to the next team.

Whenever you land on an “all play” square or have a word with the four-pencil all play symbol next to it, the word is shown to and sketched by an artist from each team. Each team tries to guess what their teammate is drawing within the time limit. The first to guess correctly rolls the die, moves, then takes the next turn. If no one guesses correctly within the time limit, then play proceeds clockwise from the current team.

Each team must always evenly alternate artists with each new sketch. An artist may not use “ears” for “sounds like”, dashes for the number of letters in the word, letters, numbers, speak to your teammates, or use sign language.

The first team to make it around the board to the finish square and then guess a sketch correctly, wins. You do not need to roll an exact number to get to the final square. Also, it might be a good idea before starting the game to decide how precise an answer needs to be.


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