Ni No Kuni | Perfect Platoon Game (1,660,716 Chips)

She stacks any action cards she has Ace – Joker – King from left to right. You only need 3 winners and an ace/low card long-shot each round – if you have number cards left over, stack them into your number platoons. Attack her left most cards with your long-shot. If her leftmost platoon is a single card, play your single low card, if it’s two or more, play your ace if you have one. Her rightmost cards are most likely to be numbers so playing kings/high numbers against those is a good option.

Her action card stacks aren’t always ‘logical’: she’ll sometimes combine high numbers with jokers and/or an ace, so play the odds against all possible combinations rather than only ‘smart’ ones.

To make real money you’ve got to win all predictions – win yours and make hers lose or fail to play every round. If you don’t your pot at the end will be greatly reduced: 1,660,716 is the maximum you can win with all predictions going your way.


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