VR Cardio Fitness Challenge: HUGE GIVEAWAY!! | PSVR | PS4 Pro Gameplay

Spend too much time playing VR or watching movies? Feeling a little soft in the tum tum? Take your love of VR and use it to get in shape. Watch my fat ass, work through this VR circuit routine. Tune it for some awesome giveaways.

Giveaway instructions: Share to a social network of your choice. on or before April 21st, 2018 send me a screen shot of your successful post and you could win.

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Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor (Instrumental) Instrumental Created By Matthew Anniss

Knockout league – Music by CONTRA
VRFC -“Sippin” – Catchy Rap Beat | Free New R&B Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2017, by Finnish producer Ihaksi
Sparc – Music by DGtv
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  • Box VR comes with a warning, as should all VR games, that you can actually over do it because its so much fun. I am hurting all over every time I do a VR workout at the weekend. My arms, legs and core all get roughed up lol. I will do Beat Saber 1st then fight a few lads in Creed, then Box VR for that peak cardio. I fall over after that. I also bought a fan for myself and that helps alot.

    Susan Appleby July 19, 2020 8:40 pm Reply
  • I already go to the gym, but PSVR has proven a great bit of extra training. Once after an extended session of Knockout League I was so sore the next day that I had to do a significantly lighter version of my normal gym routine just to get through it. And it's so much fun.

    Huw Guyver July 19, 2020 8:40 pm Reply
  • Love this idea. I've recently decided to start getting serious about getting in shape. In addition to eating better and jogging everyday, I've started incorporating at least a half hour of Sparc or Sprint Vector.

    Thom Collier July 19, 2020 8:40 pm Reply
  • Boom !!! You’re on twitter !!!

    JDMAX The SimRacingCat July 19, 2020 8:40 pm Reply
  • Keep it up, injoying your take on games. 🙂 Knockoutleage had me gasping for breath and made me realize I needed to start going to the gym. I dident like sprint vector thoue for some reason. just hoping they come out with a better boxing game in the future.

    Robbies Dreams July 19, 2020 8:40 pm Reply
  • I shared on twitter and Facebook, sent screenshots to both. 🤞

    Chainsawchuk1979 July 19, 2020 8:40 pm Reply

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